12 Revision Tips

For a Year 11 student

Helping your child to revise

Our mantra for revision is to recap and practise

11+ Exam - Revision list of topics to study

This list is for CEM exam board. English, Maths, Non-Verbal Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning.

10 Growth Mindset Statements

What can I say to myself…

Children and Anxiety

Kids don’t tell you that they have anxiety; they say ‘My stomach hurts’!

3 techniques to expand your child’s long-term memory

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Key Words For English GCSE

Young people and mental health

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Helping Your Child Get Into Good Habits

Healthy habits are essential to living a long and happy life, and they are important to…

250 Commonly Misspelt Words in English

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Homework Success

Students are more successful in school when parents take an active interest in their…

Revising and Test Taking for Maths - 13 Tips

13 tips to help you during your Maths exam, or while revising for your Maths exam.

Common Learning Disabilities

Here are some of the common learning disabilities that some students might have to deal…

Get Smart’s 8 powerful tips to accelerate your child’s concentration

Get Smart’s 8 powerful tips to accelerate your child’s concentration and power up their…

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The Science of revision

The science of revision: nine ways pupils can revise for exams more effectively…