Realistic Goals and Coaching Support for Parents

Get Smart are dedicated and committed to providing an outstanding tutoring service, giving your child the very best training in preparation for their primary to secondary school entrance exams. We support all able and motivated students and coach them towards the 11+ entrance exams to the various Grammar and Independent schools in and around the Ilford, Redbridge, Essex and North London area.

Get Smart specialises in teaching  7+,  11+ , 13+  Maths, English, Comprehension, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning.

At Get Smart we understand that it’s really important to cement  the basic building blocks, create solid foundations, cultivate excellent organisational skills and developing speed, rigour and self esteem to face the competitive examinations of the real world is the key to success.

With a detailed and meticulously drawn syllabus and learning system, your child is sure to improve and succeed. We also appreciate that the learning approach needs to be as fun and rewarding as possible so we have developed 5 strategies to the Get Smart exam Success. We will help your child use these strategies to pass their exams.

At Get Smart we don’t believe in pressurising students and cramming the information just for the purpose of passing the tests. This may lead to students struggling to cope in their secondary school life. Instead, we structure the 11+ training in a way that the students get a thorough basic foundation in each subject on which then builds the test modules.

We try our best to ensure that every student  enjoys the lessons and bond with their tutor, wanting to come back the next week for more.

The founders of Get Smart are qualified Coaches and can assist and support parents through stressful exam periods. We provide support and guidance to reduce stress and put fears at bay. We pride ourselves on setting realistic expectations right from the commencement of the journey.

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