Its been a long road and after 21 years of helping young people WE STILL LOVE TO TEACH AND INSPIRE!! It’s the feedback and results which really makes it worthwhile and keeps us going. So hearing positive feedback and ‘glowing reports’ truly inspires us to keep delivering great tuition and improving our methods and tutoring relationships with young people every day. We try and help every child succeed and we pride ourselves on being honest and transparent with every family we work with. We want to thank every last one of our incredible parents and students for making our tutoring success what it is today – we couldn’t have done it without you as your support is vital to ensure the children do well at school. As an added bonus we regularly offer parent coaching and student coaching seminars. This helps to develop a growth mindset approach to learning and assists parents maintain better relationships and positive home learning strategies to stretch children as much as possible.

What our parents and children say:

Not only are the rooms spacious and welcoming, but also the teachers, not just Mr P, are kind and intellectual in their subject field. I was very impressed with Mr Pindoria’s tutoring. His subject knowledge in Science and Maths is amazing, I was very spontaneous when it came to which topic in which science I wanted to learn, so when Mr P seemed to know every single topic, I was inspired by how intellectual a teacher could be. He also has a sense of humour, which keeps the classroom light-hearted, Mr P somehow manages to keep a relaxed attitude in the work area and yet student still get work done.

Overall I would recommend any pupil, from Year 1 to A-Level students to give Get Smart Tutoring a chance for Science, Maths and English, as there is always appropriate work for you no matter what your ability is.


Sakthi Ragavan

Former GCSE Student

“Best investment Decision ever!!”

N’s reading age was significantly below her actual age. Within weeks the improvement in her reading was apparent. She is currently top of her class in all subjects.

I can’t speak highly enough of Kam Pindoria and the way in which my daughter Elisa has come on in leaps and bounds with her maths especially she has gained so much more confidence, has conquered times tables and is mastering timing, and fractions

“Success from Primary to Secondary Level!”

Dear Mr and Mrs Pindoria,

We would like to thank Get Smart Tutoring for supporting our eldest son through primary and secondary education. We feel that he has benefitted from your guidance and teaching particularly in the field of maths and science where his interests lie. The staff there are all very friendly and welcoming and have always encouraged our son to reach his full potential. We thank you once again for your support.

Kind regards,

Mrs and Mrs Makwana
Parents of children at Caterham High School

Mrs and Mrs Makwana


“Amazing Results!”

Last September my son was struggling with his Maths classes at school. After several conversations with his teachers it was obvious he wasn’t going to get any help. I decided to bring him for extra lessons here and it was the best decision I could of made. He was a grade 4 (GCSE ) when he first came along and now only 9 months later he has passed with a grade 7 !!!! I’m so proud of his achievement and am so grateful for the excellent tutoring he received from Ambika. It just goes to show what can be accomplished with a decent teacher is tutoring your child.

Sue Hawkins


“His vocabulary improved dramatically, as well as his reading and writing”

I have a son aged 14, Peter who was insecure and struggling with English and Maths. As his school work and grades were flagging, half way through Peter’s year 7, I decided to enrol him to be tutoring and coached by Ambika Pindoria and her husband Kamlesh. Within six months his grades were completely transformed. His vocabulary improved dramatically, as well as his reading and writing skills. He excelled not only in English but also in other subjects requiring fluency in written and verbal expression, such as geography and history. Ambika stretched him in maths, engaging him with a unique mix of computer and written work, and now he is working at GCSE level (even though he is only year 8). Most of all his confidence surged and I cannot recommend Ambika Pindoria more….Whenever he comes out of the lesson he is smiling and very happy. I am very grateful to Ambika for helping Peter her coaching and tutoring has been incredible.



“I have achieved in being one of the best”

Mrs Pindoria has helped me a lot because I have achieved in being one of the best in my maths class.

Melanie Allen


“Friendly staff”

Amazing team with amazing advice and results. Thank you so much for your assistance and guidance.

Sabinah Jiagoo


“I used to find maths boring”

I used to find maths boring, after tutoring with Mrs. Pindoria it’s my favourite subject.

Josh Patel


“Build Confidence “

My daughter lacked confidence however since attending Get Smart her confidence has gone through the roof thanks to Mr and Mrs P! Thank you for all your hard work with Ridhi!

Sheetal Jethwa


“Learning made FUN!”

It’s a great place where learning is made fun for kids. My son has improved a lot, thank you!

Minal Gondalia


“Thank you very much for all your help and support””

Thank you very much for all your help and support throughout the year. Without you I am certain I would have never achieved my grade C.

Amy Brooks


“11+ preparation!”

I highly recommend this tuition for 11+preparation to any parents who want the best for their child. Ambika and Kam are highly experienced, professional and supportive. Course materials are very well organised. I am very proud of my daughters 11+ result thanks to Get Smart!

Ineta Galdikiene


“Best Tutoring Provider in Ilford”

Before my child started with Kam Pindoria he was lacking confidence and he was about 12 months behind in maths, English and particularly reading. Since receiving tutoring from Kam Pindoria he has had a big boost in his confidence and self esteem and has caught up with his school work.

Mrs Aisha Patel


“Predicted a C but achieved a B””

Mrs Pindoria thank you for all your help. I was predicted a C but achieved a B at higher level in my GCSE maths examination thanks to you.

Selina Smith


“Thank you very much”

Thank you very much for helping me Mr Pindoria, the help is very much appreciated one more thing thank you for putting a smile on my face when I am down.