What we offer

  • A FREE educational Assessment for every child after you have visited the centre
  • A selection of tuition times to fit around your other commitments
  • One-to-one attention, within a group size of of 5 
  • Qualified caring teachers
  • A free detailed tutoring lesson plan, callled a ITP, individual tutor plan
  • A friendly tutor to suit your child’s needs  
  • Fun ways to learn through computer activities, structured worksheets, workbooks and text books

Our 5 Step Plan

Our assessments are created specifically to help parents:

  • Understand the academic level their child is currently reaching at school.
  • Identify their child’s academic potential and determine if they are currently reaching it, and if not then why not?
  • Identify their child’s suitability for the entrance exams for selective schools – at 7+, 11+ and 13.

The assessment helps you track your child’s progress at school, helping you make key decisions about secondary schools and your child’s academic future. It measures your child’s suitability for the entrance exam for selective secondary schools and will give you an indication of your child’s likely success.

All parents want to send their children to the right school – one where they will be happy and thrive. For some this will be a competitive secondary school and for others it will be somewhere more caring and nurturing.

The assessment will tell us your child’s real ability level – measuring how they compare to others nationally, as we assess if they are reaching their full potential in reading, writing, Maths, comprehension, verbal memory and visual memory.

The tests provide us with a good indication of the level your child is working at and key information on your child’s strengths and weaknesses. Your child will complete a simple number of written and verbal comprehensions and mathematical questions in a relaxed ‘non-test’ environment. Taking approximately 60 minutes, this will allow us to establish your child’s strengths, weaknesses and understanding of the curriculum. It also gives us a guide to their potential ability and whether they are currently meeting it.  All of our findings are written up in a report, followed by a face to face meeting with parents to discuss the findings. Typically this process takes 1.5 hours and provides opportunities to discuss any issues and questions you may have about your child’s academic progress.

After the feedback we are able to discuss how we can support your child. You will be offered the opportunity to benefit from our tutoring services if the need is identified. 

Once your child has completed the assessment, we’ll sit down with you and your child to find out any learning objectives they want to work towards. Combined with the Assessment results, we’ll draw up an individual tuition plan and programme activities to ensure your child reaches these goals.

Depending on what area your child needs attention on, we’ll pick one of our expert tutors which best suits their needs. You have an opportunity to meet the tutor at the first lesson and you will speak to the tutor every lesson.

Your child will attend tuition for 1 hour and 20 minutes  normally on a weekly basis, where they’ll benefit from our full attention in small focused groups of 5.

All of our tutoring programs are pushing your child to a goal, whether it’s GCSEs or moving up a set at school, we’ll frequently assess their progress and guarantee they achieve these ambitions. Some of the reasons why children come for tutoring are exam focussed, confidence building, feeling lost in a subject matter, medical reasons relating to absence from school, moving schools and moving from another overseas country.

If you’d like to book a centre visit and discuss a FREE Assessment or simply want more information, please give our friendly team a call on 020 8503 9272.