Healthy habits are essential to living a long and happy life, and they are important to instil in children from a young age. If you help them form these habits now, you will be giving them the tools to navigate any obstacles they may face as they grow into adulthood.

Research highlights that the late teenage years have been indentified as the peak age for exposure to health risks with lifelong implications. The report, by the Association for Young People’s Health (AYPH), revealed teenagers eat eight times the recommended sugar allowance and almost half have tooth decay. This worrying research also found that most smokers start by the age of 25.

Cultivate healthy habits by being a role model to your child. Try to exhibit good habits, offer health advice and build fun healthy activities into your family life. Examples include being active as a family, having evening and sleep routines, providing a water bottle to encourage hydration, or making family meals together.

Good nutrition can help improve concentration, so pay attention to the food you buy for your family. Provide a healthy balanced diet of meals, which include fresh vegetables, fruit, proteins good fats and whole grains. Encourage your child to snack on low sugar food and drinks, which you could make together.

Help and encourage your child to get enough sleep, live a physically active life and feel good about themselves. Work with them to map out their week to include healthy habits such as exercise, relaxation and seeing friends. Set some healthy lifestyle goals together, and keep each other motivated to stay on track.

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