With GCSEs round the corner you will probably find yourself in a state of panic? You have spent the last 2 years thinking that your GCSEs are months away, and all of sudden they are quickly approaching and you have two years worth of learning to revise and remember in the next two weeks.

We know it’s scary, but you know what? You’ve worked really hard over the last two years and with the right amount and structure for GCSE revision you’ll be fine.

We have put together some GCSE revision tips to help you;

  • There is a wonderful space that many of us fall into during revision, it’s a place where we procrastinate and convince ourselves that without a clear cut plan in mind we cannot start revising for our GCSEs. Of course planning your GCSE revision is a good idea, but make sure you don’t fall into the trap of spending longer planning your GCSE revision than you spend actually doing your GCSE revision.
  • Making a GCSE revision plan is a brilliant way to make sure you include all your subjects and all the areas you want to revise. However, as we have said before; make sure you do not spend too much time making your GCSE revision plan as you’ll miss out on that important revising time. Aim to do a few hours every day, maybe slot in some break times and plan fun things to do in these break times so you have something to work towards. Make sure you get lots of GCSE revision in, but do not burn yourself out.
  • Past papers are extremely useful when it comes to GCSE revision, it gives you a chance to see clearly the areas in which you struggle so you know which areas that need more revision time and which areas you have pretty much got the hang of, or even know like the back of your hand. Ask your teachers and Get Smart tutors for past exam papers or search for them online. These will also help you prepare for the layout of your exam paper in your GCSE so you will feel more at ease on the big day. They are readily available on many exam board websites.
  • There is no reason to be scared of exams, if you spend time worrying about how scared you are of exams then you will be wasting quality revision time. Try and channel happy and positive vibes when you are revising; don’t be ashamed of praising yourself when you do well on a past paper or finally crack something you were struggling with. Do your best to stay positive and steer clear from negative energies.
  • You need to relax, take a deep breath and everything will fall into place. The effort you put into your GCSEs is what you will get out of them, so try to stay calm and relaxed, prepare as much as you can for your GCSEs and you may even find you enjoy them!

If you are still worried about your GCSEs or you’re struggling to rise why not give us a call, we would be happy to offer advice and guidance to support you.

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