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Don't be put off by the word 'assessment'! Actually it's an opportunity for the Education Consultant or Director to meet the students and their parents to discuss any questions and issues  the parents may have regarding their child's progress in school.

If all is well and the child is comfortable in doing the assessment the child will do some work on reading, writing, spelling, comprehension and maths and this will give the Education Consultant or Director specific information about initial areas to focus on when designing the child's individual tuition plan.

The assessment time also gives parents and students the opportunity to have a look around the centre and sample the tuition curriculum that we use. Of course, our tutors will be happy to answer any questions that you might have.

The Benefits of the assessment

Having an assessment before enrolling on a tuition study plan has a number of benefits including:
  • Allowing the tutor to build an accurate understanding of which areas to concentrate on when designing the child's individual tutoring plan.
  • Allowing the student to meet the tutor and see the system so that they will be comfortable working in the centre from the outset.
  • Providing a time for the parents to ask the director questions (and vice versa!)

What happens after the inital assessment meeting?

Frequently, the assessment simply confirms the concerns that the parents already suspected. In this case they simply decide immediately to proceed with tuition and it's then a matter of discussing a suitable time during the week and arranging a starting date.

Some parents choose to have a think about the outcomes and they usually call back after a couple of days to let us know whether they have decided to proceed with tuition.

Sometimes, the assessment acts as a reassurance to parents that their concerns were not so serious after all and they decide to continue to help their child themselves.

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